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Hours later she realized it was her younger half-brother Zack, who died as a result.

Chelsea was terrified that Bo would turn her in, but Billie stepped up to take the blame.

Parenteau's Gourmet Foods can be found on the net - they have great products and I know they ship...those that live far away....

Bake at 350°F for 45 minutes to an hour (less for tarts). Here around Regina and other parts of South Saskatchewan they grown on the sides of roads, in ravines - recently I've noticed that there are more and more of the local farms have started to cultivate them and grow them for sale - I'm afraid their popularity will change the "fun" of saskatoons - going out with a friend, an ice cream pail, some mosquito repellant, and an empty stomach, as you eat more than you pick... As to frozen products - hmmm not as good - but will always save a container for later in the year as they are ready to be picked in June/early July - and save them for some Saskatoon Peach Jam .....

Not long after moving in (and a number of close encounters with Max Brady), Chelsea was horrified to learn that the people who had raised her, the Bensons, were not her parents at all -- Bo and Billie were!

Years earlier, Billie and Bo had believed their daughter, Georgia, had been stillborn, but she had been stolen by the Di Meras.

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Chelsea schemed to keep Bo and Hope apart so that Hope would not convince her Bo to turn Chelsea in for Zach's accident.The first season of All My Children concluded on September 2, 2013.